• PolyShave Decon Pad (6" Diameter)

PolyShave Decon Pad (6" Diameter)

  • £19.99

CarPro PolyShave Decontamination Pad 

For use with Dual Action Polisher

Deep clean the paint and glass in less time and with less effort than a traditional clay bar. Our new advanced rubber polymer technology removes paint road grime, tar, over spray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust, and other bonded surface contaminants easily. After use the surface will be clean, smooth, and free of contaminants.


  • 1/2 the cost of our competitors!
  • Advanced Rubber Polymer Technology
  • Quickly shaves away surface contaminants and leaves surface smooth to the touch
  • Re-useable: Simply rinse after use and re-use time and again
  • Replaces aggressive claying
  • Removes contamination faster than clay
  • Eliminate hand and finger fatigue
  • Lasts through 30 or more average size vehicles
  • Half the cost of similar products


  • Size: 6" Diameter
  • Material: Advanced Rubber Polymer Technology
  • Color: Black
  • Use with: Dual Action Polisher


  • Wash Vehicle
  • Attach to hook & loop backing plate on a dual action polisher (Do NOT use with rotary)
  • For first use break in PolyShave pad by using on windshield and all glass before paint.
  • Keep surface wet with lubricant, applying liberally and often
  • Work at speeds 1 - 2 with very little pressure in a slow, even, and overlapping pattern over one section at a time.
  • Do not use added pressure, simply glide across surface
  • Rinse often or as needed to maintain working a clean surface
  • Wipe off with CarPro Hybrid or other microfiber towel
  • As with any mechancical decontamination product polishing afterwards will raise the gloss level
  • Just as aggressive clay can marr paint so to can the Decon Pad.
  • Be prepared to polish afterwards or else check paint in direct lighting after one section to verify correct use.