• Grit Guard© white semi-transparent 5 gallon bucket
Grit Guard

Grit Guard© white semi-transparent 5 gallon bucket

  • £10.95

Professional 5 Gallon wash bucket.

This 5 gallon (18.9L) wash bucket is the highest quality, while it may seem expensive compared to the value grit barrier range we offer this increase in price is reflected in the quality and this is the only bucket compatible with the gamma seal lid system which allows you to carry up to 5 gallons of water without spilling.

Two Bucket Wash System:

Most protessional valeters and detailers will recommend a 2 bucket wash system as the safest way to clean your car without inflicting marring and damage.

Fill one bucket with your chosen shampoo mix and one with clean water.  Use the second bucket to clean any dirt from your chosen wash media before returning to the shampoo bucket to pick up more suds.
This means the dirt being removed from the car stays in the rinse bucket and is not returned to the paintwork.
For the most effective solution we would recommend a Grit Guard in each bucket and a Washboard in the rinse bucket. 
If you plan to transport the water in the bucket you'll require the Gamma Seal Lid system, for a waterproof bucket system

Note - Grit Guard© Insert sold separately.