• CarPro Mini Bonnet Beading Display
  • CarPro Mini Bonnet Beading Display

CarPro Mini Bonnet Beading Display

  • £160.00
What better way to proudly display CarPro Coatings and demonstrate performance to the customer than a mini metal bonnet with metallic black paint and a sophisticated water feature? 

Each water jet is adjustable from stop to full flow individually, and made from durable alloy.

Overall dimensions are 36x33x27cm so it's compact enough to sit on your desk or display cabinet but nicely sized to display beading over a large surface area.

Custom built bonnet stand, mini bonnet and display included, simple self assembly and water required! 
We recommend d-ionised or filtered water as to not block the water jets with limescale

Bonnets come uncoated, and may have some light wipe marring in rare cases.

Base made from a sealed plastic unit, bonnet is alloy and runs on a uk plug adaptor(included).