• CarPro Flash pad.  80mm spot repair pad.

CarPro Flash pad. 80mm spot repair pad.

  • £5.00

CarPro Flash Pad - For heavy cutting and spot repairs

A unique product specifically developed to meet the requirements of high performance buffing pads required by the automotive industry.
Made of 100% high quality reticulated polyurethane foam
100% Improved product life compare to other foam pads on the market.
Excellent abrasion and low hologram results : Time and cost saving.

Resulting of a wish to provide efficient fast polishing solution product to our customers, The Flash pad is a foam pad exclusively made of high quality reticulated high tech foam providing unique polishing results. In combination with our range of compounds, it provide you excellent 8 to 10 second spot repair results, with a significant reduction of holograms.

Specification :
Repair spot, over spray , birds dropping , Oxidized paint
RIDS marks and more, on the car body with no holograms thanks to its efficient association with Fixer polishing compound.

We offer these pad in 80mm,130mm and 160mm sizes .

Use only with DA polisher or gear action (with light pressure) together with CarPro Fixer

Speed between 2-5 depending on machine being used.


Caution - These are very abrasive and should be used with care. Recommended for experienced users and paint thickness gauges should be used to measure removal rates.