Clobberizer - chlorine dioxide vehicle deodoriser

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Vehicle Deodorisation

Cigarette smoke, food stuck between the seats, spilt drinks, animal odours from the dog’s last walk, or the cat’s last trip to the vet can make sitting in your car feel uncomfortable and unhealthy. Now you can eliminate these bad odours, and the bacteria that cause them, with the revolutionary product Clobberizer.

Clobberizer is designed to remove odour and kill germs with just one application. The active ingredient in most air fresheners temporarily combine with odours to add a pleasant smell, but in time break down and allow the odour to return. Clobberizer’s active ingredient Chlorine Dioxide chemically changes the odour to neutralize it completely and permanently.

Most car air fresheners cover odours with pine tree and new car smell. Clobberizer isn’t an ordinary car air freshener. Clobberizer uses patented technology to deliver pure chlorine dioxide gas throughout your vehicle. Until recently this product was only available in the USA but now this effective and proven application can eliminate all odours in your car too.


Clobberizer will:

  • Remove cigarette smoke smells*
  • Remove spoiled food smells
  • Remove pet smells
  • Remove mildew smells


Clobberizer Is Ideal For:

  • Cars & vans
  • Caravans & motorhomes
  • Boats
  • Taxis, hire cars & other commercial vehicles
  • Hotel rooms

ClobberSpray Is Ideal For

  • Targeting areas such as a soiled carpet
  • Sports equipment
  • Removing mildew and smells from curtains
  • Pets kennels, cages and baskets
  • Basically anywhere that needs to be freshened up!


How Clobberizer Works

Clobberizer’s patented car air freshener technology delivers pure chlorine dioxide gas throughout your vehicle to eliminate every bad smell in your car. The pure chlorine dioxide used in the vehicle kit is extremely safe on all materials in your car’s interior.

One Clobberizer can treat up to 17 cubic metres overnight. For larger vehicles use multiple units.

For a deeper treatment and on hard surfaces use the additional Clo2bber spray pouch to completely remove bad odours and kill bacteria. We especially recommend the use of the Clo2bber spray on vehicles that are tarnished by cigarette smoke. Spraying the upholstery and roof lining of the vehicle will ensure that Clobberizer reaches deep into the upholstery and treats all sources of cigarette odour. For best results use the Clobberizer Combo Pack.

Clobbers Chlorine Dioxide is proven effective as a disinfectant against numerous bacteria, fungi yeasts and viruses including*:

  •          MRSA
  •          E. Coli
  •          Salmonella
  •          Pseudomonas
  •          Trichophyton mentagrophytes (Athlete’s foot)
  •          Listeria
  •          Candida albicans
  •          Penicillium
  •          HIV-1
  •          Rotavirus
  •          Swine flu

*Tested at a 10 minute contact time.

There is no known instances of a build-up of bacterial resistance to chlorine dioxide.

How it works

Clobber’s patented deodorising and disinfecting technology delivers pure chlorine dioxide in liquid form. While chlorine dioxide has ‘chlorine’ in its name, it is chemically very different to chlorine. While both chlorine and chlorine dioxide are oxidising agents, chlorine dioxide has 2.5 times the oxidation capacity with a much lower reactivity and a neutral pH meaning it is non-corrosive and safer to use than chlorine based products that can also leave harmful residues.

Instructions for Use: 

Clobber Spray: 

  • Simply fill the bottle with 1 litre of tap water (to the brim)
  • Fit the enclosed spray head
  • Wait 30 minutes for the microreactor to generate
  • Spray on surfaces to be treated.
  • Please note - activated product can be stored for up to 15 days.

Clobberizer Jar : 

  • Clean all surfaces of dirt, debris, mould spores or rubbish and empty any compartments of rubbish and dirt.
  • Remove the lid and sachet from the jar
  • Fill jar with water to the fill water line indicated on the label
  • Place generator sachet into water and replace lid for transport
  • Place in cupholder or other secure area where it won't be knocked over
  • Remove lid
  • Close all windows and doors and lock the vehicle to prevent accidental entry/exposure.
  • Allow clobberizer minimum 4 hours to work, preferably overnight with a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Open all doors and bootlid and allow the vehicle to ventilate for at least 20 minutes before entering.
  • Replace lid and remove jar from the car, contents can be disposed off in an outdoor waste bin, if required jar can be cleaned and re-used with a Clobberizer Refill

For best results : 

  • Park car away from direct sunlight, UV rays reduce the effectiveness of product
  • Open all interior compartments, glove box, storage bins and place car mats on their side against seat to allow gas to reach every surface.
  • Before ventilating the vehicle, start the vehicle and turn the air conditioning on full for 15 minutes with doors closed.

Keep out of reach of children

Please note : take care when removing the generator packet from the foil pouch, if it is damaged then please do not use it.

*Smoke and nicotine smells require thorough steam cleaning and degreasing of all interior surfaces and vents for successful removal of odours.
Clobberizer is designed for bacteria based smells and odours and thus not the ideal solution for removal of smoke smells.