• 20L Bucket with grit guard
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20L buckets with bucket barrier

  • £11.95
Strong 20L bucket with lid, and bucket barrier.

Bucket barrier's are designed to trap any small loose dirt particles or debris which will help prevent the risk of inflicting marks or swirls onto the paintwork. Particles are released by rubbing gently against the grit guard and as a result, will keep your washmitt and wash solution cleaner. 
Although we never recommend to rub against the grit barrier itself, (as you can stir the dirt and particles sitting at the bottom of the bucket) we do recommend to rub your fingers through the fibres to help release any dirt and wash using the first 10 inches of clean water. 

You will receive 1 x 20L bucket, 1 Lid and 1 Bucket Barrier.

Please note:  this is our value range, the grit barrier has an imperfect fit in the bucket with a slight movement.
For professional quality genuine Grit Guard© bucket system please click here